Scrunchies - Beginner Sewing Pattern & Video Tutorial


Scrunchies are a great way to use up fabric scraps!  The measurements are a guideline.  Feel free to make your scrunchie puffier by cutting them wider than 4.5”.  Many types of fabric will work for this project.  You can even use old clothes, uniforms or bed sheets.

In addition to the step by step instructions, you will also have access to a full video tutorial which will walk you through each step of the project in detail.

Students are also encouraged to join the Crosscut Sewing Community Facebook Group to share their project or ask questions.


  • You can make 4 scrunchies from 1/4 yard or 8 scrunchies from a 1/2 yard.
  • 7" of 1/4" elastic for each scrunchie


Crosscut Sewing Scrunchie Kit

This sewing pattern is designed to teach new or young sewers how to follow sewing instructions.  Students with a little experience may be able to follow by themselves.  Younger students may need help, but read the directions carefully together and encourage them to figure out each step.  This is a simple project, so the focus can really be on reading and following each step.