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Sewing has never been easier!

Our Story

There are so many benefits to sewing and making.  There's nothing like the feeling of having made something with your own hands.  Sewing helps children and adults build problem solving, fine motor and math skills.  I also think it helps with focus and stress relief.  When focused on a project, sometimes the stresses of the day just fade away.

At Crosscut Sewing, my goal is to make sewing fun and easy.  My exclusive sewing patterns and kits are designed to be easy to follow and fun to sew for beginners and seasoned sewists.  They are a way to help teach sewing too!

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Our Kits

Our kits come with all of the project specific materials.  They rely on basic sewing supplies and tools that most sewers should have, but it is a great opportunity to display basics like scissors, clips and rulers in your shop.

These projects are designed to help beginner sewers learn how to follow instructions and understand basic concepts.  More experienced sewers can enjoy an easy and satisfying project.

Unique Item

Your shoppers are always looking for something fun and unique.  Keep these close to your cash wrap as a great add on item.  Keep a few of the suggested supplies nearby!

Perfect for Classes

No more overwhelming supplies list for students and teachers can be confident that their students will have everything they need.

Guaranteed Success

These patterns have step-by-step photo instructions and a full length video tutorial. I have had hundreds of successful students!

Keep 'em Coming Back

The patterns and videos are reusable!  Help your customers put together their own supplies for their next project.  Most can be made with quilting cotton.

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Wholesale Policies

Wholesale purchasers may sell Crosscut Sewing products in their physical store at any price. MSRP must be maintained when selling on websites. Site-­wide discounts are allowed, however any discounts specifically for  Crosscut Sewing products are prohibited.

Wholesale customers may sell Crosscut Sewing products in their physical store(s) and on their store website. Reselling Crosscut Sewing products on 3rd party websites such as Amazon or Etsy, etc. is prohibited and access to wholesale pricing will be revoked if found to be in violation. 

Wholesale orders of sewing kits are limited to reselling the kits ‘as is’ only.  Wholesalers shall not purchase Crosscut Sewing kits with the intention making the item and selling it. 

Opening order minimum is $150.  Reorder minimum is $100.

Once you have purchased a product, please feel free to use any of our images in your listing.  Email hello@crosscutsewingco.com if you need additional images or have any questions.  Email hello@crosscutsewingco.com to be added to our directory. 

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