Miyako Leather Strap Set for Bags 80cm

Color: Brown

Two leather straps, 80 cm x 2 cm, for tote bags.  Comes with 8 Chicago screws to attach to any bag.  These will work with the Crosscut Sewing Co. Lincoln Tote or Market Tote, if you want a little more length. You will need to adjust the holes on the pattern just a bit.

With their length of 80 cm, these straps allow you to carry them comfortably and stylishly on the shoulder. Whether for a day on the town, an evening with friends or a special event, your tote bag will stand out in style.

Attaching these straps is easy thanks to the Chicago screws provided with the set. You can rest assured that your bag will be securely attached and ready for all your adventures.

Made in France with the greatest care, these straps combine quality, style and durability.

Material: Leather
Dimensions: 80 cm x 2 cm (approximately 31.5" x .75")
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Weight: 140 grs