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Build an Indoor Snowman – Craft and Activity

Posted on January 09 2014

This snowman craft is quick and easy to make.  It is perfect for those snowy days when it’s just too cold to go outside and make a real snowman.  It’s also perfect for kids in warm climates to have a little winter fun.  The template has some pieces to get you started but you can have fun coming up with your own accessories!


blue or background felt – 1 yard

white felt – 1/2 yard

various 9″ x 12″ sheets of felt (I used 2 purple, 1 black, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 brown, 1 orange) scissors

dishes, bowls or anything round to trace

scotch tape

spray fabric fusion


pressing cloth

printable template


Cut a piece of background felt.  Mine was 35″ x 35″.  Find 3 round items, I used a 16″ bowl, an 11″ dinner plate and aa 9″ salad plate.  Trace around the plates on the white felt and cut out.  Overlap the circles and trace one side of the overlap and cut out. You could also just leave them and let them overlap.

Download and print the snowman template.

Cut out the template pieces.  You can trace them on the felt and cut.  I find it easier to scotch tape the pieces to the felt and cut.

To add the trim to pieces like the hats and mittens, spray a light coat of the fabric fusion on the back of one of the trim pieces.  I place it on an piece of card stock to spray so I don’t make a mess.  I tried glue.  Many types of glue including felt glue.  It just didn’t work.  Place the sprayed piece of felt on the bottom piece, cover with a cloth and press.  Follow the directions on the spray you have.  When they are done, you can trim them a little if you want to clean up the edges.

The scarf isn’t in the template because it would not have fit on a letter size piece of paper and you will probably want to customize it to the size of your snowman.  I just placed my head and body pieces on the felt, traced and cut the scarf.  I used scissors to make a little fringe.

Felt sticks to felt, so all you have to do is tape your background piece to the wall and let the kids make their snowman.

Get creative and make your own accessories!   Please share how you make your snowman!


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