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Whale Tag Toy Pattern and Tutorial

Posted on January 16 2014

I made this whale tag toy as a gift, but my daughter loved it so much that I am keeping this one and making another.  I made this one out of all flannel, but the next one will be a fleece body with flannel appliques like this owl tag toy pattern.


ribbon (any kind and color you want)

fleece or flannel for the body

flannel or cotton for the fin and smile

felt for the eyes

Wonder Under or paper-backed fusible web

basic sewing supplies



Prewash your fabrics.  Download and print the pattern.  I like to print the pattern pieces on card stock.  Cut out each piece.

Trace and cut out the whale body.  I like to fold the fabric so I only have to cut once.  Cut pieces of fabric large enough to fit the coordinating pattern pieces on.  For all pieces except the whale body, iron on a piece of fusible web about the same size as the fabric using the package instructions.  Trace the pattern pieces onto the paper side of the fusible web and cut out all of your pieces.

Peel the paper backing off the appliques and place your pattern pieces where you want them.  Whatever looks good to you!  Iron on pieces one at a time using the directions on the fusible web package.  Make sure to reverse sides and line up the mouth.  Sew around the edges of the pattern pieces.  I just used a straight stitch.  Decide where you would like the tags.  I cut my ribbon about 4″, but you can adjust however you like.  Pin them down as shown.  I sewed each one on just to make sure they were secure.

Place both sides of the whale right sides together and pin.  Sew around the owl using a 3/8″ seam allowance.  Leave a 2″ gap open on the side.  Turn the whale right side out and poke out the tale with a point turner or pencil.

You can sew it up flat or add some Poly-fil and sew up the gap.

That’s it!  A perfect handmade baby gift.  If you have any questions, leave a comment!



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