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Valentine’s Day Pillows

Posted on January 29 2014

I admit it.  I have a slight obsession with pillows.  I love how changing up the pillows on my sofas and chairs can change the whole room seasonally or for holidays.  Before I learned to sew, I spent a good amount of money on decorative pillow covers.  Now that I can make them myself, the sky is the limit!

This is just an envelope pillow so it is very quick to make.  For these Valentine’s Day pillows, I used a dark brown suiting wool.  Since the wool was a little more expensive, I just used muslin for the back.  I used basic felt 9″ x 12″ sheets for the hearts.

Materials (for an 18″ square pillow)

1/2 yard wool or cotton for the front of the pillow

3/4 yard cotton muslin for the back scraps of felt for the hearts

basic sewing supplies

Cut an 18″ x 18″ piece of your main fabric for your pillow front.  Cut your hearts from the felt.  You can cut them free hand or print a clip art heart and trace it.  Place them where you would like them to be on the right side of the main fabric.  I used a little piece of Wonder Tape to hold each one in place or you could pin them.

Take the fabric to your machine.  Starting at the bottom of each heart, stitch straight up to the top.  I used a straight stitch but increased the stitch length to about 3.5 so the stitches would be more visible.

From the muslin, cut two pieces 18″ x 13″.  Take each piece and on one of the 18″ sides fold up 1/2″ press, fold another 1/2″ and press.  Sew each hem using a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Place the hemmed back pieces over the front of the pillow and line up, right sides together.  Pin or clip to hold in place.  Sew using a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Since the wool won’t fray much and this won’t be subject to a lot of use, I just finished the edges with pinking shears.

Clip the corners and turn right side out.  Poke out the corners with a pencil or point turner and press the seams flat.  Insert your pillow and admire your new pillow cover!  I also made a 24″ pillow with just a felt heart.  Do you change up your pillows as much as I do?


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